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The tarot of architecture

A deck of 78 cards, 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana

For the first time in a single product we have told all the Italian regions.

The Tarot of Architecture through 26 unpublished illustrations will take you to as many splendid Italian cities.


With this deck you can travel through the beauty of architecture and let yourself be guided by its symbols in search of deeper and ancestral meanings: good exploration!

Here are the architectures we have chosen and the corresponding cards:

Major Arcana
The magician
A temple of work like the Lingotto in Turin for the card of industriousness and progress.

The lovers
Love is also recognizing oneself through the relationship and the choice, like the indissoluble embrace between two nuraghi of Sardinia.

The pope
Symbol of guidance and protection, the Palazzo dei Papi in Viterbo is represented, which hosted them in the past.

The tower
The tower of the Marche erected by the family that changed history for the card of the sudden event.

The wheel of fortune
The rose window of the Duomo di Larino as the wheel that symbolizes transformation and destiny.

The papess
Inner wealth, sobriety and mystery in a Sienese palace wanted by the Pope’s sister.

The empress
Opulence, fertility and the feminine strength like that of Theodora, empress depicted in San Vitale in Ravenna.

The emperor
The fortress of Calascio, virile and powerful like the arcane that represents it.

The chariot
Like a chariot that pulls towards success, so are the escalators of Potenza.

Equity and righteousness represented thanks to the ancient palace of Liguria.

The hermit
A church in Padua run by wise friars in search of truth.

The courage that comes from inner balance symbolized by the mighty walls of the fort of Bard.

The hanged man
A portico of hanging flowers for the card of meditation and spiritual recollection.

A shrine of the fallen of Friuli as a symbol of end and rebirth.

The castle of Buonconsiglio in Trento as a metaphor for balance and moderation.

The devil
The infamous bridge of Tuscany is taken up in the card of Tarot that asks us to deal with our “double”, the dark part that moves within us.

The stars
The sky and stars of the Planetarium of Milan indicate good omens and invite us to aspire to perfection.

The moon
The arena with a lunar shape of Calabria symbolizes the card of intuition and ancestral representation of oneself.

The sun
The serenity of the Sun and its radiant protection are taken up by the ray cover of the church of Syracuse.

The angel of judgment and bearer of announcements is found in a small Apulian village.

The world
A world of purity and peace declined in the gallery of geographical maps of the Vatican.

The fool
An exceptional fountain in Umbria for the card of creativity and unexpected impulses.

Minor Arcana
The aqueduct of the majestic eighteenth-century palace for the seed linked to water and intuition.

Coins, symbol of earth and matter, represented by an ancient Roman temple.

The mighty fortress of the emperor linked to the seed of fire and energy.

The picturesque bridge that crosses Florence as a metaphor for challenge and element air.

Detail Tarot Cards
n. 1 deck consisting of 78 cards Card size: 11x6.8 cm

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