Press Release

The 23BASSI architecture studio in Milan launches its 23BASSI HOME line: an e-commerce service dedicated to home décor, where design and creativity meets tableware and home accessories.

"Cultural Creativity and Eating" is the irreverent title of the first collection of dishes and table accessories inspired by Italy's artistic heritage.

A line with an innovative design, which offers the soul of the history of art and architecture in Italy to every home, projecting itself onto our tables, our place for meeting and conviviality.

Unhinging the rhetoric of "you can't eat culture", Chiara Frigerio and Andrea Roscini, the architects who founded the 23Bassi Studio, propose their opposite vision to us... in a Cultural Creativity vein. A new vision, which is not a tribute, but a grateful celebration of a country that abounds in wonder, all too often taken for granted.

Love and the study of art can carry us far away, while remaining very near:
our everyday life can be a place rich in absolute, timeless beauty. Beauty that belongs to us. Just like the place that welcomes us every day. Our home.

Plates, tablecloths, glasses and cutlery can be inspired by the spires of Milan’s Cathedral or the geometries of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, translated with simplicity and fluidity into elements of contemporary decoration.

Attention to detail and taste, together with constant research, are the undeniable signature of the Milanese studio, which has always followed this path for every interior design and architectural restoration project (

On sale and available on the e-commerce site, each piece has been created under the Made in Italy banner. This is true of their work and their chosen manufacturers, and emphasises the exclusive craftsmanship of the places where works of art were born and designed, guaranteeing a quality product at the right price.

"23Bassi Home" tableware designed and produced in Italy. A claim that already says a great deal.

Padova, Milano, Sammezzano, Roma and Perugia: these are the first five cities to tell their story of this tour of Italy for our tableware collection.

Stoneware plates decorated with a design made of pure lines and graphics, tablecloths that reveal hidden decorations, inspired by and tracing the lines of marbles and paintings existing in 5 architectural masterpieces which are symbols of these cities:
the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, the Milan Cathedral, the Sammezzano Castle, the Pantheon in Rome and the Maggiore Fountain in Perugia.

Telling the story of architecture and art has never been easier.

With Cultural Creativity and Eating you can eat, smile and be comfortable.