Set of 3 Sammezzano plates
Set of 3 Sammezzano plates
Set of 3 Sammezzano plates
Set of 3 Sammezzano plates
Piatto blu grès 23Bassi Home
Set 3 piatti geometrici in grès Sammezzano 23Bassi Home

Set of 3 Sammezzano plates


Stoneware starter and bread plates with decoration, plus monochrome dinner plate
Dinner plate: Ø 25.5 H 2.0
Starter plate: Ø 20.5 H 2.0
Bread plate: Ø 12 H 2.5

3 dinner plates in 3 different sizes. The largest, monochrome dinner plate is perfect for highlighting the decoration of the smaller plates, which pick up on the stuccoes and paintings inside Sammezzano Castle: geometries with an ochre base alternating with blue and white. The starter plate consists of a lozenge on an ochre background, while the small bread plate that looks like a pixelated design is based exactly on the decoration made for the Tuscan castle in oriental style.

The Sammezzano set is perfect for lovers of refined and oriental decorations.

Dinner plates with decoration. The high-temperature technique using single-fired natural clays (up to 1250°C) triggers the fusion of the glaze with the ceramic base, thus achieving maximum resistance to bumps, scratches, temperature changes and corrosive substances.

The Sammezzano set is dishwasher-safe.

It’s a set of dinner plates. If you prefer soup plates you can buy them separately.


Dishwasher safe.

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