Set of 2 Montecatini Plates
Set of 2 Montecatini Plates
Set of 2 Montecatini Plates
Set of 2 Montecatini Plates
Set of 2 Montecatini Plates

Set of 2 Montecatini Plates


Polished stoneware round dinner plate and soup plate with decorations.

Dinner plate: Ø 29 H 1.5
Soup plate: Ø 24.5 H 4.0

The dinner plate features the design of the decorated roof glazing on the portico at the Tettuccio thermal complex in Montecatini Terme, which depicts allegorical symbols of Strength and Fertility, and was built to pay tribute to man’s conquest of the swamp, the hostile environment where the thermal complex now stands.

The soup plate, on the other hand, depicts the pool, with the decoration representing the colonnade surrounding it, which serves as a background.

Architecture photos @giornirubati

The two-plate sets can be combined with the three-plate sets.

The dinner plate can also be used as a pizza plate or a charger plate.

Its dimensions also allow the plate to be used as a tray.

The plates are packaged in sets of two, with each set consisting of one dinner plate and one soup plate.

The decorations are applied individually by hand, and might show some slight discolourations and alterations, which are to be considered as typical of their manual artisan craftsmanship.

Plates with decoration. The high-temperature technique using single-fired natural clays (up to 1250°C) triggers the fusion of the glaze with the ceramic base, thus achieving maximum resistance to bumps, scratches, temperature changes and corrosive substances.

The Montecatini set is dishwasher safe.

The Montecatini plates can be combined with our sets of three plates, which can also be supplemented with the bread plate, the starter plate, and a smaller dinner plate, even combining colours in a chromatic scale.


Dishwasher safe.

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