Poster 50x70 Torre Velasca Pastello - Milan

Poster 50x70 Torre Velasca Pastello - Milan


Poster 50x70 depicting the Torre Velasca in Milan.

The Velasca Tower marks an era, guiding the cultural transition of the Italian architectural landscape towards the end of rationalism. Designed by the Milanese studio BBPR, together with the Pirelli building, it marks the beginning of the history of "vertical Milan". Its iconic and recognisable shape, a real landmark, aims to sum up the history, culture and atmosphere of the city, summarising its characteristics with a completely new language. Inspired by its façade, we turned it into an illustration for our pastel posters.

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Product details:

Dimensioni 50x70 - Frame not included

Printed on white paper, with eco-friendly NR 60 technology with high quality Latex and water-based colours.

Packed inside a cardboard tube

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