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Candela Genova
Candela Genova
Candela Genova

Candela Genova

Candela Genova is a 100% natural, biodegradable, vegetable-sourced candle with Mosto Nobile scent. Heart and base notes of Cognac, Papaya, Cedar Wood and Melon.
candle will envelop your home in spicy and fruity scents, reminding you of a sweet and intoxicating evening with friends.
Poured into a handmade ceramic jar with a lid to preserve its fragrance. Once the candle is finished, the jar can be reused by simply washing it with hot water.
ela Genova is exclusively produced for 23bassi home and handmade in Italy, in the province of Milan.
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Candle details:
Height: 9 cm
Body diameter: 8 cm
Duration: 44 hours (continuous duration)
Wax weight: 230 gr
Instructions: Shorten the wick each time it is used.

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