If you know, you’ll be able to. Useful tips for choosing your candle

by Andrea Roscini on November 05, 2021  in 23bassi homearchitettura italianacandela soiacasacon la cultura si arredadesignhome decore

Whether on a rainy Sunday afternoon, at the end of the day, at a dinner table or simply for a moment of relaxation, lighting a candle is a ritual.
A cuddle in the cold months or on summer evenings.
Little touches that can help us live better in our home and work environments.

Today more than ever, everyone can contribute to helping our planet by making small gestures.
We often may not be inclined to contribute because we don't know how the production of the objects around us works.

Today we inform you and give you reasons why you should choose 100% plant-based candles over paraffin candles.

Actually, soy wax candles are not such a recent invention, the patent was filed in 1991, and they are an environmentally friendly alternative to those made from paraffin, which is derived from waste oil processing.

Credit Photo: Adry De Martino

When we talk about pollution, we usually think of things which affect the external environment, i.e. smog.
It is more complex to think about domestic pollution.
The fumes released by the combustion of certain candles can release highly irritating and polluting substances into the air.

Soy candles are plant-based, since they are derived from soybean oil, so they do not increase the level of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere.
Traditional paraffin candles, on the other hand, release CO2.

Soy candles are non-toxic because they have a lower melting point, so the wax itself does not overheat and alter with heat, and thus does not release carcinogens into the air.
Consequently, they are much healthier for humans, pets and the environment. Because of their low melting point, the scent given off by candles is much stronger and more pleasant.
They give off an aroma that remains longer lasting and 'clean'.
This is why we have chosen to make 100% plant-based candles: try our inimitable fragrances!

It has been proven that traditional paraffin wax candles can cause headaches due to the additional chemicals released when the paraffin is burned, causing discomfort.

The production of fumes depends also on the quality of the wick: only plant-based wicks made of pure cotton or hemp, for example, do not release harmful substances.

23Bassi Home produces the candles near Milan, using products entirely made in Italy. For the Genova and Bari candles, we use wicks in 100% cotton, not treated with chlorine and not containing lead.

A soy candle can burn up to three times longer, burns more cleanly and produces minimal black soot.

Try testing our Genova and Bari candles: you’ll find that they practically never end!

23Bassi Home candles made of soy wax are biodegradable and easy to clean with warm water, both on the containers and on nearby surfaces.

Once the candle is finished, our glass jar containers can be easily and quickly reused.
If you’ve ever had to remove paraffin wax from a carpet, we’re sure you will understand and appreciate the difference!

Stay tuned and visit our website www.23bassihome.com: this month we will be releasing a new candle with an irresistible fragrance to keep you company at the start of the winter season!