Do you know why the Poke is called that?

by Andrea Roscini on October 15, 2021  in 23bassi homearchitettura italianaciotolacucina esoticahome decorePoke
A cold, easy-to-prepare dish: Poke, the new passion from Hawaii is contained in a bowl.
It originated as a poor man's dish for fishermen, who used to prepare it with the leftovers of their catch and eat it as a snack. The bowl used to hold whatever was available, from the leftovers of freshly-caught raw fish to the vegetables available, then everything was cut into cubes.

Poh-kay in Hawaiian means 'cut into cubes', hence a salad of raw fish and rice.

Without putting too much effort into choosing the ingredients, it can be a healthy and complete meal. The strong point of this Hawaiian speciality is its freshness, its simple and delicate ingredients and its practicality. All of which are concentrated in a refreshing and nutritious dish ideal for a light, ultra-vitamin and protein meal.

Lots of vegetables, the inevitable avocado, and fruit for an even more exotic touch. Mango is ideal, plus several types of sauces to choose from; Japanese and Asian influences are evident, with soya and teryaki topping the list. Edamame, peas, cabbage, onions, seaweed and cucumbers - you can put it all in, and don't forget the spices... you name it!

For true connoisseurs, everything must be cut into cubes of the exact same size as the fish. All kinds of seeds can be used to give the dish a little crunch. Poke is part salad and part sushi. Poke is colourful and tasty.

For the first time, sushi is in danger of losing the sceptre of the most popular food among Italians , in particular the Milanese . And it is precisely the Poke bowl that calls its primacy into question. A real change of trend. The Japanese aesthetic rigour is abandoned in favour of an explosion of colours.

Conceived to be consumed on the beach, between a dip in the ocean and a suntan under the scorching Pacific sun, it first conquered the United States and recently Europe.

In Italy it landed for the first time in Milan and then throughout the peninsula. As good Italians (let's face it, the primacy of food is undoubtedly ours!) the bowl is proposed with Mediterranean contaminations... a dizzy liberation of flavours.

There are many versions of poke, with various types of rice (black, basmati, spelt, quinoa, brown) and many other ingredients. What all the recipes have in common, however, is the presence of a bowl, in which the dish is served.

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At the top of the list, with 1 million orders of the foods that Italians ordered the most in 2020 is Poke.
Beautiful to look at (especially good to eat) it is the most social and instagrammed dish of the year. The hashtag #pokebowl has around 1.1 million posts, and the word #poke alone has 2.3 million posts.

The Poke Bowl more than a dish is a philosophy that has won over palates around the world because it is a balanced and healthy dish that combines the allure of Japanese cuisine with street food. It’s a highly versatile dish that lends itself to many variations and is reasonably priced, unlike its super famous Japanese cousin.
The Poke does not look set to be a passing fad.

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