Lunches, aperitifs, dinners. 6 rules for the perfect mise en place

Lunches, aperitifs, dinners with friends and family.

Restaurants have their own charm, but there is nothing better than welcoming people you care about into your own home.

Public holidays, birthdays, Christmas and more or less formal dinners, there is no shortage of opportunities to do so.

How to set the table properly? The cutlery? How should the glasses be arranged?

It's great to welcome guests at home and enjoy preparing delicious dishes and experimenting with three star recipes.

We often concentrate so much on the dishes that we forget about the mise en place, but careful table-laying conveys a sense of harmony and well-being!

Hospitality is a true art, starting with the choice of menu and ending with the perfect setting of the table.

Tablecloths, cutlery, napkins, plates and glasses must be laid out according to a precise criterion. A well laid table is not only a pleasure for the eye, it is also a way of enhancing a course or a style of cooking, enjoying a good dish and a pleasant conversation.

Whether it is a formal invitation or a dinner with friends, pay attention to detail, the perfect mise en place, the ad hoc arrangement of guests and compliance with the rules of etiquette can make any event unique.
Don’t think that a mise en place executed according to etiquette is synonymous with formality and "coldness"... quite the contrary!

The aesthetic side goes hand in hand with the practical side. The "rules" of etiquette were created primarily to make the table as practical and comfortable as possible.

But as always in everything that concerns elegance and beauty, the rules can also be reinterpreted.

What you need to set the table:

  1. Table linen: an elegant fabric tablecloth with matching napkins. Alternatively you can opt for placemats, they are still chic and practical.
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  2. Plates: the heart of table setting. The food only makes its appearance later: first of all, the chosen plate set takes centre stage. So choose carefully!
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  3. Cutlery: should be placed from the outside to the inside of the plate. It follows the order of the menu, so that the outermost cutlery is used for the first course. The forks should be placed on the left side, the knives to the right, with the blade facing inwards.
    To the right of the knife, if necessary, goes the spoon. Dessert cutlery is placed above the plate before the glasses.
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  4. Glasses: different kinds of glasses are needed for each kind of drink on the table. The glasses should be placed diagonally to the top right of the plates. The wine glass is always smaller than the water glass.

  5. Decorations and attention to detail: for a more elegant touch, complete the table by adding a placeholder with the guest's name written on it. An important detail, not to be underestimated when you receive a large number of guests, but also a classy play when there are only a handful of guests. It creates scenery, a decorative detail which appeals to everyone. The guest will feel more involved in this way and it will certainly be an appreciated gesture.
    The placeholder can also become a small gift or souvenir for your guests to take away with them. The placeholder is a touch that will make your table more colourful and enjoyable.
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