Did you know that pillows are perfect for battles?

If you see fluff on the street, and people intent on pillow fighting each other, it's probably International Pillow Fighting Day , the world's softest fight

Credit Photo: domestika

Who hasn't had a pillow fight at least once in their life?

Not everyone knows that there is such a thing as International Pillow Fighting Day, a worldwide event held in many cities on the first Saturday in April since 2008.

From Hong Kong to Vancouver and from Dallas to London, pillows and cushions are flying.
The biggest pillow fighting flash mob was the "Worldwide Pillow Fighting Day" which took place on 22 March 2008.

More than 25 cities around the world participated in the first international flash mob. It was the biggest flash mob in the world and pillows were the stars!
According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 5,000 people participated in New York City.

News of such events spreads mainly through digital means, usually on the Internet, via e-mail and chat rooms.
Many pillow battles have been organised in an attempt to break Guinness World Records, but the current record is a pillow battle between 7,861 people in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 18 May 2018.

Such days take us away from the stress of the world around us and brings everyone together in a celebration of something that we all knew we wanted but didn't know we needed.

Have you ever tried to hit someone with a pillow?

Next year the date to look forward to is 3 April 2022!

You can take to the streets with your fluffy cushion and your friends and let your inner child take over (please take off your glasses and earrings!!)

In Japan, where everything is taken very seriously, children's fun becomes codified and is a real national sport, there is a championship! (if I could, I’d sign up on the spot)

The rules are a mix between dodge ball and chess but with a referee. The objective of each team is to protect one of their teammates, the one called 'the king', from the pillows launched by the others, while at the same time trying to hit the opposing team.

Each set lasts two minutes, and you start by lying on the futon pretending to sleep under the covers. When the referee blows the whistle the competition begins.

The last edition featured 16 teams aiming for the national championship.

You don't have to be athletic to take part: the oldest was 79, the youngest nine!

Rules aside, fun is guaranteed!

In 2014, one year after the debut of the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships, the Japanese company Makura Kabushikigaisha produced a special pillow designed to be used specifically for competition... we could take this seriously!

For now, this is the only pillow that can be used during championships. It's priced at around 25 euros and is said to be perfectly balanced: heavy enough to throw and elastic enough not to cause injury, we absolutely must test ours in the studio... we plan to organise an internal championship at 23Bassi Home!