Soft, warm and enveloping, we present the Morano Calabro Blanket

by Andrea Roscini on December 03, 2021  in 23bassi homearchitettura italianacaldacasacon la cultura si arredacopertahome decoreMorano Calabromorbida

The blanket chosen by 23Bassi Home is 100% merino wool, with coloured yarns purchased from an Italian spinning mill with sustainability at its heart.
Today more than ever, sustainability is key to our company's production processes.
The Italian spinning mill where we buy our yarn has over the years acquired the most important environmental certifications in the textile sector.

Ph Credits: Cashmerefolie

The production workshop we rely on is a knitting workshop: they don’t have a warehouse since they only produce on order, to avoid wasting raw materials.

The main steps for the realisation of the blanket are as follows:
the yarns are purchased in cones according to the quantity required, the final graphic that you will see on the blanket is created thanks to a software on which the design is made manually point by point, with everything connected to an electronic machine.
The machine works following the pattern previously loaded by software.

We have created a texture with two elegant colour variations: The Morano Calabro Cappuccino brown is a softer colour, while the Morano Calabro Copper is a brighter tone.
Our travels are keys that offer the inspirations for our products: the Italian artistic heritage is boundless! This time we were fascinated by the marvellous dome of the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, which watches over the enchanting village of Morano Calabro from above.

The Blanket is made by using a double tubular knitting technique, which means that the front design is in contrast to the back design.

Ph Credits: CashmireFolie

Afterwards, the blanket is sewn using a "linking” machine.
The so-called separations, i.e. leftover pieces of fabric, are then removed. For an impeccable result, the details are finished by hand with a needle.

The blanket is labelled, washed in the workshop, dried and ironed...

It is now ready to be delivered to our customers.

Ph Credits: CashmireFolie

The production time for a single blanket is approximately one hour, so that the work is accurate and precise.

The choice of a 100% natural yarn, as well as being sustainable, offers warmer, softer and more enveloping blankets than synthetic yarns.

Stay up to date on our website and our Instagram page: in a few days we will announce the release of the Cappuccino brown and Copper Morano Calabro Blankets, soft and warm with a cosy embrace always at hand during the winter.