How to set the table for a Halloween brunch

by Andrea Roscini on October 29, 2021  in architettura italianabrunch halloweencandela soiaset 3 piattitovaglietta americana

This month's inspiration is dedicated to Halloween.
We offer you a table designed by 23Bassi Home as a backdrop for a perfect Halloween-themed brunch, designed to make colourful autumn fun while celebrating.

The colours of autumn are the first source of inspiration for this table setting.
Autumn is a wonderful season, the autumnal equinox marks the end of summer and the beginning of the journey into winter with a veritable spectacle of fragrances and vibrant colours to warm us up for the cold weather.

Enchanted landscapes, forests and gardens are coloured in red, yellow and ochre. The spectacle of the changing leaves fascinates us every year, the leaves dance with the wind through the city, heralding the arrival of cold and frost.

Let's take advantage of autumn, which gives us carpets of dried leaves in the street, which can attain a second life as decorations on the table for our Halloween brunch.

An original, creative and above all cost-free way.

Pine cones, chestnuts, dried fruit and other typical seasonal items can become the basis for original centrepieces and candle holders.

So let your imagination run wild: these will be the main atmospheric ingredient.
The predominant colour is ochre and orange, the Halloween brunch will be full of orange juice, fragrant tangerines, carrots, eggs cooked in any way, American-style potatoes, polenta, golden fried chicken, tarts with dark and sweet blackberries... a colour-perfect match with the table décor by 23Bassi Home.

Get creative and get cooking!
Pumpkin is the quintessential autumn vegetable. Excellent in many different recipes, it also lends itself as a decorative element, bringing a touch of cheer to the home when nature goes into hibernation outside. Perfect as a centrepiece, once emptied, you can put succulent plants inside, for example.

Discover how to decorate your table at the Halloween brunch with our products:

The Sammezzano placemat is a powerful concentration of Middle Eastern style decorations, inspired in part by the Alhambra Palace in Granada: it will make the ideal backdrop to colourful, monochrome dishes.



The plate sets that we propose are combined with the Sammezzano placemat.
The colourful set of 3 Sammezzano plates includes a dinner plate, a soup plate and a bread plate which you can also use as an accomplice with your starters or dessert.


Use the ingredients you have on hand and create perfect mixes.
The ideal combination to complete the plates that will host your delicious courses are the set of 2 blue soup plates.
The blue of our plates is extremely dark and elegant, perfect for staying in touch with the Halloween theme and to contrast the orange colours on your table.
The ochre-coloured napkins match the tablecloth and plates, and will continue to bring colour and look great with the dried leaves you’ll scatter around the table. If you wish, you could use some dried leaves as napkin rings for your autumn table.
Our cutlery with a gold matte finish will add the finishing touch.

We present our blown-glass glasses with their simple, clean lines. They match different styles and always tell a different story. They stand out for their essential line, highly elegant but extremely resistant to dishwasher washing. Personalise them with midnight blue and orange marker pens for the occasion, and write the names of the people who will be attending your autumn brunch to celebrate Halloween.

To top it all, the Genova candle will make the cutlery and glasses glow, also illuminating the tablecloths with their bold colours and textures, and bringing a warm and scented atmosphere thanks to their irresistible fragrances. The candle container is reusable, but before you can reuse them in different ways you will have to wait a while: the candles don’t run out easily, having a long lifespan thanks to the 100% plant-based wax that we have chosen.

Visit our website www.23Bassi and start preparing for the next holidays. In the free contest section we have included some of our free downloadable content: you’ll find greeting cards, bookmarks and colouring pages with our textures: print, cut, colour and enjoy!

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