Box with 4 soap bars
Box with 4 soap bars
Box with 4 soap bars

Box with 4 soap bars


Together in one box, the 4 soap bars dedicated to the architecture of Florence and Venice become a unique and elegant set.
Inside you will find 4 soap bars with two different fragrances.
The soap bars are 100% plant-based, the scent of Florence is fruity while Venice has a scent of Marseilles soap and ginger.
The novelty of this product is the box, decorated with patterns inspired by the wonders of Italian art.
The box made of coated and printed cardboard hides a precious surprise:
it is reversible!
With a few simple moves you can turn it around and reassemble it, ready to be a perfect gift box, original and unique, and without the need for gift paper.
The product is entirely made in Italy.
The Firenze and Venezia soap bars are made without SLS – SLES – Parabens and using the cold saponification technique. The product is enriched with coconut oil.

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