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Piatto piano Napoli
Piatto piano Napoli
Piatto piano Napoli
Piatto piano Napoli
Piatto piano Napoli

Piatto piano Napoli


Polished stoneware dinner plate with decoration.

Flat plate: Ø 29 H 1.5

The plate takes a detail from the Church of San Pietro a Majella in Naples and is intended to pay homage to the decoration made in the Chapel of the Crucifix by a Neapolitan master active at the Aragonese court in the second half of the 15th century.

Photo of the cloister by @venusartna

The dinner plate can also be used as a pizza plate or a charger plate.

Its dimensions also allow the plate to be used as a tray.

The dinner plate is individually packaged; it is also possible to purchase it as a set together with the soup plate.

The decorations, applied individually by hand, may have small discolorations and alterations that testify to handmade and handcrafted workmanship.

Plate with decoration. The technique used of high-temperature single-firing of natural clays (up to 1250° C) allows for the fusion of the glaze with the ceramic base to achieve maximum resistance to shocks, scratches, temperature changes and corrosive substances.

The Napoli plate is dishwasher safe.


Dishwasher safe.

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