Box with 3 candles
Box with 3 candles
Box with 3 candles

Box with 3 candles


Together in one box are the 3 candles dedicated to 3 architectural masterpieces: the Fizzarotti Palace in Bari, the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa and the Grimani Palace in Venice are gathered in one elegant box.
Inside you will find the 3 candles with different fragrances, all 100% natural, plant-based and biodegradable.
The Bari candle carries the scent of Pomegranate, Vanilla and Red Grapes.
The Genova candle will envelop your home with the scent of Papaya, Cognac, Wood, Cedar and Melon.
The Venezia candle, heart and base notes of Nutmeg, Cedar, Patchouli and Vanilla.
The candles come in a glass jar with a wooden stopper to better preserve the scent.
The glass jar, once the candle is finished, can be reused: simply wash it with warm water.
The article is handcrafted in Italy.

Details of single candle:

Height: 10 cm
Body diameter: 10 cm
Duration: 72 hours (continuous duration)
Wax weight: 285 g

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