Bari Candle
Bari Candle
Bari Candle
Bari Candle
Bari Candle
Bari Candle

Bari Candle


The Bari Candle is made of 100% natural, plant-based and biodegradable wax with a Pomegranate fragrance, Apulia’s red gold. Heart and base notes of Cassis, Vanilla and Red Grapes.
This candle
will envelop your home with spicy and fruity scents, like a barefoot walk on the white beaches of Apulia.
It comes in a glass jar with a wooden stopper to preserve the scent.
The glass jar, once the candle is finished, can be reused by simply washing it with warm water.
The Bari candle is produced exclusively for 23Bassi Home and handcrafted in Italy, in the province of Milan.

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Candle details:
Height: 10 cm
Body diameter: 10 cm
Duration: 72 hours (continuous duration)
Wax weight: 285 g

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